DC Summer Celebration with Japan on August 28

This year's Diplomatic Council (DC) Summer Celebration with Japan as partner country will take place on August 28.


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A report from the UN Commission on Crime Prevention

Impressions from visiting the United Nations conference on crime prevention

By DC Member Jochen M. Richter


DC Spring Festival with India: digital, democracy and mango

India is now the fastest growing major economic power and the fifth largest in the world. This means that the country has worked its way up from tenth to fifth place within ten years. The current growth rate is 7.2 percent. India aims to become the third largest economic power in the world by 2028 at the latest. The country's comprehensive digitalization is a crucial foundation for this brilliant development. And the population will benefit massively from this strategy. These were the key messages with which the Indian Consul General M.S.

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Global Methanol Economy at the UN

Energy issues at the 26th UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development in Geneva: The Diplomatic Council proposes the transition to a global methanol economy.

Advantages of Green Methanol 

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Western management style does not work in China

by Diplomatic Council member Karlheinz Zuerl, CEO GTEC

Many Western managers stand in their own way when it comes to management tasks in China and often don't even realize it. The management style common in Europe or the USA is met with incomprehension by the Chinese and often causes fear and resistance. This starts when a manager who has flown in thinks he has to show who is in charge and where things are going right from the start. Sometimes a single meeting is enough to trigger an internal rebellion in an entire company.

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Many SMEs are still "light years away" from AI

By DC member Jane Enny van Lambalgen, CEO Planet Industrial Excellence

Many SMEs are light years away from a corporate strategy for the introduction of artificial intelligence. In fact, there are many SMEs that have only made necessary replacement investments over the years and hardly any modernization investments. Many companies have simply lacked the financial resources to do so.

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DC receives observer status for UN CCPCJ

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has granted the Diplomatic Council observer status at the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ). This is the highest status that a civil society organization such as the Diplomatic Council can have with a UN commission. The observer status means that the DC members sent as delegates to the commission meetings have the opportunity to follow and influence the work of the respective commission in non-public sessions.

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The 28 greatest risks to humanity

As part of its UN Consultative Status, the Diplomatic Council is contributing to a new Global Risk Report of the United Nations. The study comprises 28 global risks, which were selected and assessed as part of a comprehensive consultation process between the international community, civil society organizations such as the Diplomatic Council and other stakeholders.

The following risks are taken into consideration (in order to minimize misinterpretation):


Ambassadors` Ball by Diplomatic Council

On March 8th, 2024, The Diplomatic Council, in collaboration with the Diplomatic Corps of Thailand, proudly presented Thailand's Inaugural Ambassadors' Ball, a prestigious event held at the Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok. This evening marked a convergence of diplomacy and business, offering a platform for sophisticated cultural exchange and meaningful connections.