The Temos Alliance

The Diplomatic Council member and medical partner Temos carefully selects international reputable organizations to provide its accredited partners with additional business development opportunities to grow networks and referrals. These collaborative agreements with business, government, non-profit, and educational organizations form the “Temos Alliance”, opening doors for our accredited hospitals and partners.


The Kashmir Conflict Book published by Diplomatic Council

"Simmering Kashmir", Jamal Qaiser, Sadaf Taimur, DC Publishing, ISBN 978-3947818112

Thought Leadership

The role of the Business Consul for Diplomacy and Peace within Diplomatic Council

By Claude Piel, Postgraduate in Politics and Journalism, Business Consul at Diplomatic Council

Thought Leadership

Optimistic, Fear-Reduced Life Affirmation in Business

By Diplomatic Council member Michael Weimar*

I have had to deal with Corona for a good 1 year now. The "deselection" is not that easy. Our media landscape also leaves me few alternative options. The fearful character of many people really comes to the fore in these times, with repercussions in private life but also in the business environment.


Innovations & Standards in Healthcare Event

Innovations & Standards: Conflict or Convergence?

December, 17, 6 pm CET, Further Information HERE

Dr. Claudia Mika, Founder and CEO of Temos International Healthcare Accreditation, Diplomatic Council Member and Partner

Daniel C. Shaw, Ambassador for the Global Clinic Rating

Thought Leadership

Accreditation in healthcare

Accreditation in healthcare including regular onsite inspections plays a crucial role in maintaining clinical quality, patient & staff safety, the overall patient experience, and much more. COVID-19 has taught us that a new, flexible approach is needed.

When the pandemic struck, Diplomatic Council member and partner Temos overcame the first shock, faced the challenge, and reacted. The standard procedures that had worked for more than ten years needed to change quickly. ”Innovation” was urgently needed where “standardization” had been the norm.


Free startup consulting via video call

The corona pandemic has hit many businesses hard. In particular, startups are amongst the severely affected sectors. Young entrepreneurs with a brilliant idea, a burning passion and a strong will to grow are struggling to find customers, appropriate partners and investors or maybe only a mentor.


Asian Financial Markets

Navigating Asian Opportunities during the Covid19 Pandemic


London: The Way Forward For Property Investors

On behalf of the Diplomatic Council partner The Luxury Network (TLN) Singapore, Berkeley Group, and One Global Property Services, DC members are welcome to attend an upcoming live webinar where we will reveal to you the reasons why London is still a favorable property investment location for most of the real estate investors.

We will take an in—depth look at the London property market, and will also showcase a few selected developments from the reputable property developer, Berkeley Group, and share with you the highlights that you should not miss.